UF Membrane (0.01 Micron)

RM 680.00

⚠ NOTE ⚠ 1. Once order has been placed, our customer service team will reach out to you to arrange the earliest delivery or installation date ⚒️ 2. We will be glad if you could take a picture and video of the installation site, for better and faster installation process with our technicians 🙏 3. If you any special request, please do let us know via chat, we will be glad to help you out! 😊 KEY ADVANTAGES ✨【 Free Shipping - KLANG VALLEY ONLY】We understand that many merchants out there charge a fee for their shipping, but don’t worry! KONIGWAY got you covered, we bear the shipping fee, you don’t need to be too stress on this 😉 

PRODUCT USP ✅ No Electricity Needed ✅ Body Casing - Stainless Steel ✅ Filter Your Household Water to Become Clean & Fresh



Price is NOT inclusive of installation fees. 

Installation fees in Klang Valley

- PVC Piping (RM220*)

- Poly Piping (RM350*)

* Additional charges may apply. Installation does not include any drillings (otherwise stated), hacking, install lighting point or/and tubing after 10 feet.

If you need installation please contact our customer service if you need installation / technician depending on your area.

Accessories such as piping are NOT included. NO INSTALLATION IS GIVEN. This product is for those that knows how to install themselves, you are welcome to call your own technician to install. Konigway only supply this product. Please do contact us if you require installation / technician to install the product.


The UF Membrane outdoor filtration system consists of the membrane with density of ultra-filter up to 0.01 microns. The ultrafiltration system removes the harmful bacteria, viruses and water impurities close to 99.99%. 

Designed to be energy-saving, low cost maintenance and elegant. Can be installed vertically and horizontally and good thing is, no electricity is required to install this outdoor filter.

📌  Flow Rate: 2500L/H
📌  Inlet & Outlet Size : 3/4"
📌  Size: 114mm x 1028mm

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