RM 250.00

Top up additional RM149, and you will get
1) 4 x KONIGWAY Filter Cartridge* (worth RM200)

You save about RM51 !!

RECOMMENDED Filter Replacement Schedule*
12 months (1st Stage; 2nd Stage; 3rd Stage; 4th Stage) - 4 UNITS
Total: 4 UNITS

* Not inclusive of labour cost to replace filters.

FREE Delivery 
Free delivery in West Malaysia.
-- ✨【 FREE DELIVERY - West Malaysia Only 】
We understand that many merchants out there charge a fee for their shipping, but don’t worry! KONIGWAY got you covered, we bear the shipping fees 😉 ✨【 DIRECT DRINKING - No Need To Boil Water 】
You don't have to boil water anymore. After installation, allow 15 mins flushing (first time only), and you are ready to drink the water straight !! 😉 ✨【 KOREA FILTER 🇰🇷 - Easy To Change 】
The 4 filters are easily replaceable. We recommend changing the filters every 8 ~ 12 months depending on your usage. We also have Video Available for this, ask us too! Quite easy to change as well! 😉   PRODUCT USP ✅ Direct Drinking, No Need to Boil ✅ No Electricity Needed ✅ Easy to Install @ Home/Office/School 【  📹 Video Ready 
Easy to Change Filter Cartridge 【  📹 Video Ready

PRODUCT 】 SPECIFICATIONS 🔧 Model: KONIGWAY KW5000 🔧 Manufactured in: South Korea 🇰🇷 🔧 Color: Misty Black 🔧 Installation Type: Undersink / Countertop 🔧 Dimensions: 315W x 90D x 310H (mm) 🔧 Weight : 3.5 KG 🔧 Warranty: 12 months

【 FILTER 】 SPECIFICATIONS 💧 Stage 1: KONIGWAY Sediment Filter 💧 Stage 2: KONIGWAY Pre-Carbon Filter 💧 Stage 3: KONIGWAY Silver Carbon Filter 💧 Stage 4: KONIGWAY Post-Carbon 📌 Maximum Flow : 3.8L/M 📌 Maximum Pressure : 8.0kgf/cm 📌 Maximum Temp : 45'C

What's In The Box
- 1 x KW5000
- 1 x 5 Meter Tube Hose
- 1 x 1 Way Diverter Valve
- 1 x Installation Guide


1. Does it comes with installation? No, this product does not come with installation. If you need our team for installation, we do provide a charge (Klang Valley areas only)

Installation Fee - RM100.00 Gooseneck Faucet - RM50.00
2. How long does your filter can last? Our filters can last around 8 ~ 12 months depending on the water condition of your area and/or frequency level of water usage. 3. Can be used for direct drinking? Yes, of course! After installation, flush about 15 mins (first time only) , after that you can straight drink directly, no need to boil too


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